the new vulnerability [reclaiming innocence] - ode

the new vulnerability [reclaiming innocence]-ode η νέα τρυφερότητα [ανακτώντας την αθωότητα]-ωδή "We undeniably live in increasingly brutal times. The barbarians are at the gates [and maybe we already are part of them]. The canon of Contemporary art [mostly] merely mirrors this harshness from an observer’s stance of sterilized inventiveness. This is an exhibition of/for the deviants, the ones that take things to heart, the ones that make things personal. This is an exhibition on how warmth should be the next big shock; the force needed towards finding collective essence. No more impersonal datascapes, no more exoskeletons [irony, sarcasm, allegory, commoditized societal alibis & stereotypes], no more detachment. Time to counter the [normalized, cruel, pink] elephant in the room. " the CDS Projects Team

  • Date: 10/24/2019 10:13 AM