Open Call

CDS Projects invite artists to submit for the upcoming Pop-up Group Exhibition entitled :

 (for eligibility pls scroll down / the exhibition will run for 3 weeks in an independent space downtown Athens, mid October 2019, all the exhibited works will be for sale )

the new vulnerability [reclaiming innocence]-ode                                                                                                                       η νέα τρυφερότητα [ανακτώντας την αθωότητα]-ωδή  

"We undeniably live in increasingly brutal times.                   

The barbarians are at the gates [and maybe we already are part of them].                                                             

The canon of Contemporary art [mostly] merely mirrors this harshness from an observer’s stance of sterilized  inventiveness. 


This is an exhibition of/for the deviants, the ones that take things to heart, the ones that make things personal.

This is an exhibition on how warmth should be the next big shock; the force needed towards finding collective essence. 

No more impersonal datascapes, no more exoskeletons [irony, sarcasm, allegory, commoditized societal alibis & stereotypes], no more detachment. 


Time to counter the [normalized, cruel, pink] elephant in the room. "

the CDS Projects Team

In this context, artists are invited to address the following :  

- Where did our innocence go? What shapes does it take nowadays? Why although we yearn for it, we can’t handle it in others? Is it the new taboo? / the new oxymoron? 

- Why do we fake our identity - sensitivities? why do we project to be cool while we are vulnerable? In this digital “euphoria” are we turning into screen bystanders of our own life and the world? 

- Do we need algorithms, avatars, wild sex to express tenderness and intimacy? 

- Is physicality in art being sidetracked? in life?

- Are we all becoming ephemeral [like the data we consume]?

Clear, positions mandatory.



-Athenian resident (living & working in Athens, Greece for the past 4 months min, irrespective of nationality)

-age: not older than 35

-no fine arts degree necessary 

-100 eur' fee* / submission is free

-high work relevance to exhibition theme 

-works in all media

-existing works as well as work proposals

-each artist’s physical presence in space for 20hr in total during the 3 week exhibition duration


Items to be submitted:

-10 works’ photos, not more not less [.jpg only, 2MB/photo max]

-works’ description in filename necessary [title, year, medium, dimensions]

-short Bio [A4 max] in English

-full contact details


by submitting, all applicants agree to follow all participation requirements [if selected], as listed above. 


Deadline for submissions (extended):  August 30th 2019, 20:00 GMT+3                        

Submissions [by email only] at:

Selection by: the CDS Projects Team


* Since this is an independent, yet high reaching self-financed project, fees are necessary so as to cover production, announcement, artist&venue promotion costs.