curatorial model

the CDS Projects curatorial model (in 10 bullets) :  


• only build on the work & the artist's direction of choice/ never try to artificially fit it in any externally conceived concept.

• be irreverent to how things are/were usually done. go with open, unguiding exhibition contexts. find flexible & adaptable responses.

• be radical, be fresh, thus even foolish sometimes. present the work in playful, provoking, unexpected ways.

• shape the scene/market, not obey the market/scene.

• de-intelectualize as much as possible / be simple, welcome, not allienate.

• be short & concise, strictly A4 size texts

• avoid cheap thrills.

• address the big burning issues, the present ones and the ones that are coming.

• excite, be honest, self-critical, self-sarcastic, be genuine and therefore only present genuine.

- repeat all of the above endlessly, until you create a new paradigm, and if/when you achieve that, kill it and start over.

'cause this is how we ride
the CDS Projects Team